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BoC HK and FTSE Group partner to develop new offshore Rmb bond index series
May 02, 2013

Hong Kong, April 25th 2013 - Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("BOCHK") and FTSE Group ("FTSE") today announced a partnership to develop a new "FTSE-BOCHK Offshore RMB Bond Index Series" (the "New Indices"). This landmark partnership brings together BOCHK's unique competitive position in the offshore RMB business as well as FTSE's leading indexing expertise and global network, to provide the market with an industry standard benchmark. The New Indices will help global investors to better capture the opportunities in the offshore RMB fixed income as an investable asset class.

Under the partnership, BOCHK Asset Management Limited ("BOCHK AM") is the adviser of this new "FTSE-BOCHK Offshore RMB Bond Index Series". FTSE will offer calculation and management services with respect to the existing Offshore RMB Bond Indices provided by BOCHK. This will provide a solid foundation for the development and issuance of the New Indices. FTSE will conduct the licensing procedures of the New Indices globally upon completion of the transition details.

BOCHK and FTSE hosted a partnership launch ceremony at the Bank of China Tower today. Officiating guests included Mr Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive, FTSE Group; Mr He Guangbei, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive, BOCHK; Ms Julia Leung, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, HKSAR Government; Mr Carlson Tong, Chairman, Securities and Futures Commission; Mr Peter Pang, Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority; Mr David Wong, Deputy Chief Executive, BOCHK; and Dr Au King Lun, Chief Executive Officer, BOCHK AM.

Mr Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive, FTSE Group, said, "We are delighted to be working with Bank of China (Hong Kong) to develop the offshore RMB bond indices offering. There is increasing demand for access to RMB fixed income products and FTSE’s global brand, combined with BOCHK’s track record in RMB indices, will enable us to accelerate the development of a global investor offering in this area. FTSE has been proactively expanding its global fixed income operations, most recently through a new joint venture with TMX Datalinx. The fixed income market represents a significant growth opportunity for FTSE and we will continue to work with our partners to provide innovative index solutions to global investors."

Mr David Wong, Deputy Chief Executive of BOCHK, said, "BOCHK takes great pleasure in joining hands with FTSE Group to develop a new offshore RMB bond index series. Given the increasing significance of RMB in the world economy, we see growing demand for RMB fixed income products. In this regard, the introduction of the New Indices will offer those investors with an array of quality benchmarks. It will also help facilitate the development of offshore RMB bond markets worldwide."

Dr Au King Lun, Chief Executive Officer of BOCHK AM, said, "BOCHK AM is honoured to be the adviser of this milestone cooperation. By providing our source of offshore RMB fixed income data, we believe that the New Indices will help global investors better gauge the performance of the offshore RMB bonds and benefit from the rapid growth of this market."

As a pioneer in RMB business, BOCHK enjoys distinctive advantages in RMB services with its product innovation, extensive service network, efficient settlement channel and professional teams. Capitalising on its strong franchise, BOCHK is well positioned to offer comprehensive and competitive RMB solutions to meet the global needs of customers.

FTSE, a leading provider of global indices, has been proactively expanding its fixed income solutions for investors and recently announced the launch of FTSE TMX Debt Capital Markets, a new joint venture with TMX Datalinx, which has created the third largest exchange traded fixed income fund index provider globally. Together these indices are used as benchmarks for more than C$1 trillion in fixed income assets.


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