Basel Committee completes review of Principles for sound liquidity risk management and supervision

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has completed a review of its 2008 Principles for sound liquidity risk management and supervision. The review confirmed that the Sound Principles remain fit for purpose, and the Committee advises banks and supervisors to remain vigilant of liquidity risks in financial markets.

The Sound Principles underscore the importance for banks of establishing a robust liquidity risk management framework. As implementation of all its standards and guidelines is a high priority for the Committee, a review of the Sound Principles was initiated in 2017. The review also covered liquidity risk-related developments in financial markets since 2008.

Based on information provided by each Basel Committee-member jurisdiction, the review concluded that:

The Basel Committee expects market participants to remain vigilant in their liquidity risk management. In line with the Sound Principles, banks' risk management and supervisors' practices should be consistently and rigorously applied through the economic cycle, regardless of market liquidity conditions.


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