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Barclays announces new customer commitment measures
Sep 27, 2013

September 23rd 2013 - Following the launch of Barclays Your Bank initiative earlier this month, Barclays has already received over 370,000 customer interactions generating more than 2,600 ideas on how the bank can make everyday banking easier for customers.

Barclays has already committed to eight solid solutions in response to the top ideas shared by consumers:

Overdrafts are now under formal review following feedback from customers that they want greater understanding of the associated charges. Text alerts for those over their overdraft limit have already been piloted since July, informing customers that they have a day’s grace to add cleared funds and avoid the charge. So far, over 65,000 customers have avoided charges totalling over £1.4m. As a next step, the bank will review other areas in which text alerts can be implemented.

Cloud It, Barclays’ new service which securely stores important documents online, will be introduced via mobile banking – making it even easier to access secure documents whilst on the move.

Alternative contactless devices, such as a mini debit card for quick purchases under £20, will be put through customer testing, following the success of contactless payments.

Paying in coin machines will be piloted in branches, allowing customers to have their coins automatically counted and credited to their account.

Barclays Pingit app will be extended to the under 16s. This means younger customers will benefit from the free app which allows people to send and receive money simply by using their mobile phone number. Parents will be able to see and track any payments made including who the money is sent to, and daily payment limits will be much lower than for adults. Barclays will work with parenting groups on the detail of how the new service and parental controls will work.

Customers will be able to set up new payees on their mobile phones, to make mobile banking even more versatile.

Barclays mobile banking and Pingit apps will become available on Windows 7 and 8 phones, extending their availability to even more customers.

Mobile banking services will now also cover mortgage accounts – so customers can look after their mortgage arrangements wherever they are.

Catherine McGrath, Managing Director, Retail Bank commented: “After the success of Your Bank, it’s crucial that we show our customers that we are acting on their feedback which is why we have already made these commitments, with more to come. With industry switching now up and running we know that consumers have plenty of different options when it comes to choosing their bank – and we want to ensure they have plenty of options when it comes to banking with Barclays. We value our customers and believe that in order to keep customer loyalty we need to see life from their perspective and ensure they are at the heart of everything we do.”


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