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ABC opens personal-brand wealth management centres
May 02, 2013

April 25th 2013 - Recently, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) established 300 personal-brand wealth management centers. Each center is named after a financial planner and all 300 centers were granted first-time operating licenses. In granting the licenses, ABC selected only financial planners with the highest professional qualities, an established good reputation among customers, and with outstanding performance in wealth management.

ABC is the first large domestic commercial bank to simultaneously launch personal-brand wealth management centers across the country. It is pioneering undertaking of ABC in promoting marketing services for personal VIP customers, ABC expands its brand recognition and social influence, and breaks ground for a new path for the development of the personal wealth management business.

To improve marketing services for VIP customers and expand the social influence of its financial planners and ABC’s “Golden Key · Wealth Management”, ABC committed to building branded wealth management centers. In the second half of 2012, 34 tier-1 branches recommended and applied to open a total of 431 personal-brand wealth management centers in community-level branches. To guarantee quality, relevant departments of the Head Office of ABC selected and set up 300 outstanding personal-brand wealth management centers at 31 branches. Independent wealth management centers, qualifications of AFP and above, and over three years’ working experience in customer management are the basic requirements for the centers. Besides the financial planners’ knowledge, customer management scale and capability were all taken into consideration. The financial planners after whom the centers were named have rich working experience in wealth management, high business competence, and solid social reputations.

The Head Office of ABC simultaneously announced, granted licenses, and launched the 300 personal-brand wealth management centers so they opened all on the same day nationally. They will provide specific financial products and comprehensive financial services to customers. Meanwhile, the branches and sub-branches with personal-brand wealth management centers will begin cooperating with local media such as television stations, broadcasting stations and newspapers. The campaign will increase public awareness of the personal-brand wealth management centers, improve their influence, and build each of them into well-known, local, wealth management brands.


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