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ABC launches POSPAD bank card
Jan 03, 2013

December 24th 2012 - Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) recently launched a innovative consumer bank card product named POSPAD that integrates meal-ordering service, multi-media entertainment, and payment & settlement. The recent product launch ceremony took place in Tianjin.

POSPAD uses modern network communication technology to combine traditional POS with popular touch-screen operation for card settlement, providing customers with a brand-new dining experience. Customers can order meals just by sliding the card along the screen of their PAD. While waiting for their meal, customers can enjoy multi-media audio-visual programs on the PAD. After dining, they can conveniently use the mobile POS pay by card. For participating merchants, the paper-free ordering procedure is not only environmental-friendly, but also improves the quality of table service. The POSPAD product supports a full range of cards, including magnetic card, contact IC card, non-contact IC card, and other card types. The product also features services such as digital marketing platform, financial settlement, and industrial ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management, capabilities that will effectively improve operation and management efficiency of business.

The POSPAD products were developed by ABC Tianjin Branch and highly regarded by the Tianjin Commission of Commerce (“Commission”). As part of the launch ceremony, ABC and the Commission signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, prioritizing the promotion of the POSPAD product in the Commission’s efforts to improve electronic services of food-service business. ABC will promote nationwide popularization of POSPAD, another breakthrough in advocating “green consumption” and innovation in financial products. The POSPAD will deepen cooperation with businesses through introducing innovative products to further improve card-using facilities and enhance customer experiences.


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