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ABC launches new online banking version
Jan 08, 2013

January 5th 2013 - Lately, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) launched a new version of personal online banking. With optimized and updated function, process and security, the new version aims to improve customers’ experience and meet their diversified needs.

It is introduced that the highlight of ABC’s new personal online banking is the new registration method. The holders of ABC debit card, quasi credit card or credit card can complete self-service registration for personal online banking without heading for the bank’s outlets. They just need to log on to ABC’s portal website and go through several simple procedures, and easily obtain access to various online banking services like inquiry of accounts, online banking transactions, credit card accounts and bonus points, call deposits, conversion of time and demand deposits etc.

In terms of features, the new personal online banking has more foreign exchange-related functions to meet customers’ varied foreign exchange business needs. Customers can enjoy the 7x24-hour Western Union services with their transferred amount directly arrived at the designated account in just a few minutes. Also, they can make full-day cross-border T/T remittance by filling in relevant information following instructions on the webpage, even if knowing little about English and complex international business.

In terms of investment and wealth management, in addition to services of funds, government bonds, wealth management products, third-party depository, bank-futures account transfer, Wai Hui Bao and Shuang Li Feng call deposit, the new personal online banking also provides the precious metal service – agent services for Gold Exchange. Such services feature diversified investment products, low investment threshold, fully transparent market, long transaction period, more profit-making opportunity, and secure and convenient transaction. In addition, it is added with the automatic wealth management function, allowing the setting of regular automatic deduction by the Bank, so as to help customers with “compulsory saving” to accumulate their idle funds. The third-party depository is added with the “transfer reservation” function, which has lifted the restriction on transaction time of the bank-securities account transfer, and enabled longer service period.

The new personal online banking has stronger security by employing various technical means in order to ensure customers’ asset security. The first generation of USB-KEY customers should conduct sensitive transactions through SMS authentication to reinforce transaction confirmation. Along with the formal application of new security control, the protection of customers’ sensitive information is enhanced. Moreover, the repeated transfer warning function is added, prompting the same single transfers made on the same day, in a bid to reduce the possibility of repeated submissions by customers and avoid asset losses thereof.

In the future, ABC will continue to enhance its innovation efforts in personal online banking, and make its online banking more user-friendly and customer-oriented. In this way, it can provide customers with an online financial service platform that is comprehensive in functions, diversified in products, and flexible, safe and secure in use.


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