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ABC develops and implements new e-HR system
Jul 19, 2013

July 4th 2013 - Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) recently completed a bank-wide application of its newly developed e-HR system. For the first time the e-HR system realizes data concentration and application integration of electronic human resources information. It provides a new tool and platform for human resources management and a new channel for staff to participate in human resources management.

The e-HR system is the foundation for comprehensive HR reform of ABC, a major move towards building a specialized human resources management system, and an integral part of the new-generation core banking system of ABC. The system innovatively adopts, within the e-HR field, the design concepts and application architecture of application integration, process driving, total-staff sharing, group control, and decision-making service. ABC won the “Innovative Application Enterprise” award in the “China Corporate IT Application Campaign”, by virtue of this system.

The e-HR system presents advanced management concepts and operating system in a easily operable manner. It enables person-post matching and dynamic online management based on the new post system, and provides follow-up management and service for such steps as “selection, employment, training, retaining and dismissal” of employees over their entire career life. As a result, the business process and the level of standard management have been improved. What’s more, the system helps to realize total-staff participation in human resources management activities, and offers a channel for staff to conduct “self-management and self-service”, thus enhancing service quality and efficiency. Additionally, it lays a solid foundation for ABC’s transformation to human capital management and continuous advances in management of human resources.


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