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ABC Credit Card Centre launches "Your Reliable Companion" concept
Jun 18, 2013

June 14th 2013 - Recently, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) Credit Card Center issued a new brand concept “Your Reliable Companion”. The branding statement communicates ABC’s customer service values over the years, and provides strategic guidance for the future. With this values-based tagline, ABC credit card officially opens up a new chapter of coordinated development between corporate strategy and brand concept.

In 2004, ABC issued its first credit card product, the dual currency credit card. Today, ABC credit cardholders exceed 35 million. Over the past nine years, ABC’s credit card business leapfrogged, becoming widely recognized by consumers as a brand featuring innovative & progressive, safe & reliable, amiable & friendly, trustworthy & responsible credit card service.

Notably, ABC recently expedited the development of its credit card services. Individualized services are now offered to different customer segments through a variety of products, rich functions, and with over 100 types of products in eleven card service categories. ABC is and has been an industry leader when measured by multiple metrics such as increases in annual growth rate, number of cards issued, number of customers, consumption volume, and number of merchants. This phenomenal achievement can only be attributed to the support and recognition by ABC credit card holders. To reward their trust, ABC credit card sets out once again, and thus summarizes its friendship with consumers into one sentence, “Your Reliable Companion”. This brand statement reflects the ABC credit card division’s dream of growing together and achieving many goals with our cardholders.

“Your Reliable Companion” not only refers to the fact that ABC credit cards can go with you at anytime and to anywhere, but also expresses its willingness to serve consumers, honor commitments, and establish long-term partnership with cardholders. ABC’s diversified credit card product lines meet the financial payment demands of different cardholders in different scenarios. Whether you are in China or abroad, shopping, touring or on a business trip, whether you are a student, an employee or a housewife, there will be an ABC credit card that specifically meets your needs. Moreover, all ABC credit card provides standard customer functions such as installment plan, reward points service, online payment, and so on to enrich the card user experience and meet their different payment demands.

ABC credit card also launched the unique “Xin Yi Tong” customer service brand. In four major customer service call centers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Hefei, nearly 2,000 operators provide 24-hour credit card service throughout the year for each cardholder.

For merchant partners of ABC’s “Your Reliable Companion” credit cards, ABC’S large customer base, sound operation and maintenance concept, rich management experience, and all-round publicity channels provide its merchant partners with optimal, effective, and preferential merchant service. By doing so, it ensures ongoing cooperation, so both parties can maximize benefits. In this way, ABC, cardholders and merchants share a win-win outcome.

“Your Reliable Companion” expresses the sincere and selfless bond between people that touches each other and generates the driving force to march ahead. In this pressurized and ever-changing era, ABC credit cards highlight the brand concept of humane care, positive life attitude simple trust, reliable support, true sincerity and growing friendship between people. Our new branding statement thus embodies this strong sense of social responsibility and deep care for people. Committed to the concept, ABC credit card actually started to make major moves on a series of products and businesses to implement the concept of “Your Reliable Companion” since the start of 2013.

First, it joined hands with MasterCard International, the world’s leading player in global payment. By integrating the synergistic resources of the two parties, ABC launched its first multi-currency credit card “Easy World Credit Card,” free of currency conversion fee worldwide beginning in January 2013.

With this credit card, cardholders can consume through any channel in any currency all over the world, free of currency conversion fee charges. Meanwhile, it integrates rich feature functions such as airport VIP treatement, hotel preferential service, cash back for shopping, global medical emergency relief, and so on. The card cares for every step of your travel experience from airport, flight, and hotel to shopping, leisure, and health, enabling you to easily handle vacations overseas, shopping abroad, online shopping, overseas study, and more.

Second, ABC upgraded the installment plan of its credit cards. In addition to the four existing application methods via hotline, e-mail, website, and Internet banking, ABC also launched installment application through SMS!

Since its launch, the ABC credit card installment plan has greatly eased financial pressure upon consumers with its multiple advantages such as low threshold (RMB500), convenient application, low rate, large number of merchants, and free-of-charge application for deferred payment. It not only is widely welcomed by consumers, but also has became the “must-have” card. Planned upgrade functions at this time include further simplified application procedures and consumer ability to instantly apply for and instantly receive an answer for installment payments, thus adding to a more carefree life.

Dedicated to the concept of “Your Reliable Companion”, the ABC credit card center launched the “Sharing Together” brand promotion in 2013. The aim is to promote the presence of ABC credit cards covering every leisure time aspect of life, such as food, movie, entertainment, and travel. The activities include themed activities, i.e., gourmet food, travel, entertainment and health. Thus, these brand activities will establish an ongoing interactive relationship with cardholders.


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