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3 Hong Kong and Citibank jointly launch ‘3 Citi Wallet’
Nov 06, 2013

Hong Kong, October 31st 2013 - 3 Hong Kong, the mobile operation of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, and Citibank Hong Kong jointly announce the launch of ‘3 Citi Wallet’ – the mobile wallet service exclusively tailored for people who are both 3 Hong Kong mobile subscribers and designated Citibank Visa credit card1 users. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ is a multi-purpose mobile wallet service that includes mobile payment, transaction history, a location-based special offer service and a search function that directs customers to the best deals within their vicinity. Marking a new chapter in the history of mobile payment, the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ turns mobile phones into digital wallets that offer consumers speed, convenience and benefits when they spend.

Cutting-edge services for a modern lifestyle

Amy Lung, Managing Director of 3 Hong Kong (Mobile) said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Citibank to launch ‘3 Citi Wallet’, which is widely supported by a vast array of retail merchants, significantly widening the capabilities of mobile payment. With a huge number of customers already using smartphones on our high-speed data network and Citibank’s broadrange of financial products and services, the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ revolutionizes the existing mobile communication platform and marks a milestone in mobile payment.

“Mobile payment is a world trend today, with global mobile payment transaction value expected to surpass US$235 billion in 2013, a 44% year-on-year increase, and mobile payment users reaching 245.2 million in 2013, up from 200.8 million in 2012. In a market such as Hong Kong, where the mobile subscriber penetration rate exceeds 230%, we are confident that the NFC mobile payment service will further promote the trend of ‘Tap and Pay’ spending
for today’s consumer.”

Christine Lam, Country Business Manager, Citibank Global Consumer Banking, Hong Kong, said: “We are delighted to partner with 3 Hong Kong, one of the telecommunications service leaders in the territory, to launch the ‘3 Citi Wallet’. Citibank has always been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing services to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers. We were the first to launch online banking, mobile banking, and instant credit card issuance service in Hong Kong, to name just a few accomplishments, and the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ is the latest addition on our innovation roadmap. This revolutionary ‘3 Citi Wallet’ turns a smartphone into a wallet, providing unprecedented payment flexibility and convenience, giving our customers an unsurpassed shopping experience with bank grade security. We will continue to strengthen services offered by ‘3 Citi Wallet’ in future upgrades.”

The only mobile wallet in town that runs on both Android and iOS platforms

‘3 Citi Wallet’ is the only mobile wallet service in Hong Kong that supports both Android and iOS platforms. It is compatible with a wide range of NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, and LG, as well as iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. ‘3 Citi Wallet’ users can download the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ app from Google Play Store via designated Android-powered phones and activate the new mobile payment service along with many other features. iPhone users can log onto App Store to download the ‘3 Citi Wallet Offers’ app for use in conjunction with an NFC sticker provided by Citibank.

‘Tap and Pay’ for purchase of up to HK$1,000

Setting up ‘3 Citi Wallet’ is very simple. Users can assign up to 3 designated Citibank Visa Credit Cards to the mobile wallet for additional payment options. To complete a purchase, simply sign in to the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ app with a user-defined password and place the phone over the Visa payWave reader at checkout. The spending limit is set at HK$1,000 per purchase, making shopping smart, fast and convenient.

Instant transaction alerts and multiple purchase protection features

The ‘3 Citi Wallet’ comes with multiple security features, which provide maximum purchase protection for customers. Besides requiring a password to sign in to the service, the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ also allows customers to set their own auto-logoff time for added peace of mind. Transaction data is sent through secured lines with international encryption standards. In addition, ‘3 Citi Wallet’ is the only mobile wallet service that provides customers with SMS alerts on purchase transactions for an added level of security. Users also have the convenience of being able to view payment transaction records for the past three months to help manage their spending.

230 exclusive shopping, dining, travel and entertainment offers that never cease to amaze

Starting from November 1, 2013, ‘3 Citi Wallet’ users can enjoy this hassle-free contactless payment experience without the use of cash or physical cards at over 9,000 Visa payWave readers in over 3,400 merchants in Hong Kong to enjoy shopping, dining, travel and entertainment.

‘3 Citi Wallet’ also brings to users over 230 special offers from different merchants around the city, including: HK$200 cash rebate of a single purchase of HK$2,000 or above at Fortress; up to HK$1,000 off select smartphones at 3 Hong Kong; 5% off any purchase of HK$200 or above or, HK$50 PARKnSHOP coupon for a single purchase of HK$388 or above at Watson’s; and a free gift for a single purchase of HK$100 or more at PARKnSHOP, Fusion, Taste, International, Gourmet or Supa-Depa, to name a few. New offers will be added from time to time.

The only location-based offers to make shopping smarter and with ease

‘3 Citi Wallet’ allows users to set their preferences and automatically receive merchant offers. Android smartphone users can also search for merchant offers based on personal preference, location and keywords, and store the offers for future reference or use, adding flexibility and convenience when making purchases.

Enjoy 3Roam Data Roaming Pass for a borderless shopping experience

‘3 Citi Wallet’ can be used overseas at merchants with Visa payWave. 3Roam Data Roaming Pass enables users to enjoy data roaming, the ‘3 Citi Wallet’ service and other data features in 113 destinations via 150 networks for HK$38 per day.

Subscribe to ‘3 Citi Wallet’ and enjoy a 3-month free trial

The ‘3 Citi Wallet’ service is available for HK$18 per month. Subscribe now and enjoy a 3-month free trial. Customers can also subscribe to a 2-in-1 offer of ‘3 Citi Wallet’ and ‘3 Super Safe’ for HK$28 per month. 3 Super Safe users can control functions remotely via These functions include tracing a lost handset, controlling a handset’s audio alarm deterrent feature and deleting important information9 from the handset.


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