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The Asian Banker One Big Question - Vote Today!

The Asian Banker One Big Question is a quarterly debate held as part of our effort to solve practical problems that bankers across the region are facing. Bankers will be encouraged to share key business issues and a community driven debate is organised to find a solution. Industry/subject matter experts are invited to provide their views on the topic before we open up to the floor for our audience to vote, sharing their view. At the close of the campaign, we will organise a teleconsultation session to discuss our findings and conclude the campaign.

Revisiting customer experience – It’s not just branch, mobile and internet

In today’s highly IT-enabled world, customers not only expect a broad spectrum of products, but seek that superior customer experience that not only give them the basics but also provide added value. Customer experience is more than just how they feel – it’s how you retain them.

In an era where social and digital media enable consumers to immediately share their experiences, customers who love their banks can share pleasant experiences easily. This form of advocacy makes them potential growth engines of any bank.

With increased competition across the board in the banking industry, how can you ensure dominance in one of the key focus areas today; customer retention? By optimizing every channel available, it’s possible to gain a strategic advantage in contact, knowledge application, and best practice.

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Banks in advanced countries have already moved on to the next level of customer experience through creating omni-channel presence. Asian banks is still in the second phase of customer experience.
2nd June 2014 02:21 PM
In current days of internet and mobility adding channel will be the most important areas in 2014
4th May 2014 03:57 PM
Human interaction is on decline between banks and customers. need to bring personal interaction back.
1st May 2014 11:33 PM
With all Banks offering similar products we must ensure the smoothest possible channels for clients
28th April 2014 03:23 PM
With new bank licenses in Asia and around the world, new players are willing to challenge old guard paradigms about customer service. A fundamental rethink of the role of digital can create phenomenal new opportunities for challenger brands.
28th April 2014 02:54 PM
Social media is fast paced. By having simply, clear guidelines with consistent values enables staff at all levels to engage with their clients. So when a social media issue hits, someone can act quickly who knows how to solve the issue.
25th April 2014 09:16 AM
I think it would be very interesting to have the possibility to participate in web chats. I always like to do that, because it gives both sides the option of learning and sharing. It also makes the overall response time shorter.
24th April 2014 10:50 AM
I choose option 2 because we currently have multiple platforms and avenues through which our customers can interact with us. However, the ability to manage all platforms to ensure seamless use by customers as well as the ability to commence a transaction/interation on one platform and conlcude on another is of high importance.
23rd April 2014 10:25 PM
Plus Training
23rd April 2014 09:50 PM
the option to get more interaction with customer to understand the needs and how we can lead as win-win,
23rd April 2014 09:43 PM
Greatest frustration is inability of agents/ RMs /client facing staff to communicate effectively but which stems from a lack of understanding of product/ service suite. They invariably need to revert back /refer to superiors. As a customer, a simply query turns into a long process if referrals which is off putting and frustrating
23rd April 2014 08:56 PM
I think if the bankers added channels like web chat, it will be better for them to respond and resolve the customers' problems and it will meet their expectations, because last time when I have faced problem then i entered the banks' website and it difficultly to find easiest way to fix this problem.
23rd April 2014 07:30 PM
Experience Matters therefore Architecture Matters
23rd April 2014 07:22 PM
Certainly a common platform that takes a disciplined closed loop framework that include clear SLAs on rules of engagement will be game changing in raising customer experience satisfaction levels, consistently.
23rd April 2014 07:18 PM
Making consistent customer experience and deliver on promise is our important thing in 2014
23rd April 2014 07:13 PM
let the customer choose his preferred experience
23rd April 2014 06:58 PM
Personal opinion
23rd April 2014 06:49 PM
a customer would feel more important if they are attended to personally by a very knowledgeable person. social media is another means but most often and not it's misunderstood.
23rd April 2014 06:48 PM
Adding channels and the like will not address poor skill sets which will be a bank's biggest risk.
23rd April 2014 06:33 PM
merely adding channels may not help if they don't have a common platform to manage and make sense out of it, to customize their ads or campaign.
23rd April 2014 04:39 PM
Actually we have all 3 options but chose 1 as we have to choose one to answer.
23rd April 2014 02:47 PM
The necessity to establish a platform that capitalizes on the existing functions of the various interaction channels of the bank while retaining its core strengths is predominantly a major reason why this will be a current major focus as compared to the other initiatives.
23rd April 2014 01:46 PM

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Adding new channels like web chat, social and mobile (Votes: 27%)

Move to a common platform for managing customer interaction channels(Votes: 44%)

Optimizing performance and training of agents and employees (Votes: 29%)

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