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Identifying demands and profiling intelligence in retail finance

Meet the most successful global players, innovators, disruptors and thought leaders in innovation, retail finance, technology, operations, digital banking and e-payments Key dialogues on business models and disruptions that will fundamentally transform the payments landscape, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and bank of tomorrow Chief experience officers (CXOs) and business heads, featuring the transformational issues in the financial service industry
Over the past years, innovation and transformational trends have swiftly penetrated the industry. Today, the outlook for the financial services sector is more promising than before, as embracing disruption and advances in technology pushed the industry to offer more efficient and enhanced products; and services that meet the customer expectations. The enriched digital disruptions and innovations have led the competition in the financial sector to grow exponentially, especially since the digital customer experience became the primary focus and goal for differentiation and sustainability.
The evolution in payments landscape has pushed the global economy towards digitalisation massively over the past few years. This leveraged the speed and convenience offered by digital interactions through various technologies to facilitate the customer’s needs. “Customer intelligence” and the use of technologies such as AI, robotic process automation, blockchain, 5G, chatbots and internet of things (IoT) are the present and future fundamentals of the financial services industry. Hence, the current competition between financial institutions and disruptive players largely investing in AI and machine learning is allowing them to extract more data from the industry to deliver a better and enhanced customer experience.

Key working sessions

Machine Learning

Adoption of AI and machine learning impact on the customers’ journey


'E-wallets and cashless payments’ advantage in creating transparency

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking and peer to peer payments through social media

Finance Landscape

Blockchain and sharing economy shaping the future of finance landscape

Economic Growth

5G revolution influencing financial services and economic growth

Robo Banking

From robo-banking to interactive ATMs and chatbots – what’s next?

Digital identity

Digital identity to enhance relationships with customers

Customer intelligence

“Customer intelligence” – revenue growth and profitability

The Asian Banker’s Finance Middle East 2020

The Asian Banker’s Finance Middle East 2020 will bring together the regulators, key decision makers from financial institutions, industry players and disruptors under one roof in interactive sessions to address the latest trends, developments, challenges and best practices in the global financial industry.

Meet the Faculty and Past Speakers

Anchored by a world class faculty and supported by a range of players
you will meet in the course of five days

Who will attend?

With an audience of over 100 senior executive bankers, startups, unicorns and international experts,
the attendee profile will consist of the following:

Regulators and government officials

Chief executive officers, business heads and senior executives handling retail/consumer banking, payments and cards

Senior executives running the operations, technology, systems, digital channels and methods of financial institutions seeking insights into the business side of banks

Financial technology startups, blockchain companies, alternative providers of financing and e-commerce

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