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Comparative Country Profiles

The charts in this section are based on previous section and are divided in to six categories. These tables and graphs allow users to contrast and rank all the countries more clearly in many different ways as listed below.

This country report can be downloaded in the formats below.

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This document contains the following contents:

1. Basic Statistical Data
Figure 1.1. GDP per Capita (US$)
Figure 1.2. Gross National Income per Capita (US$)
Figure 1.3. Inflation (%)
Figure 1.4. Comparative year-on-year change in PPI (%)
Figure 1.5. Unemployment rates (%)

2. Population and Household Demographics
Figure 2.1. Population Age Distribution (2009)
Figure 2.2. Household Income (USD)

3. Financial Service Industry Profile
Figure 3.1. GDP contribution from finance
Figure 3.2. Capital Raised Equity vs. Bond (2008)
Figure 3.3. Total Domestic Financing (Equity, Bonds, Domestic Credit, US$ Billion)

4. Banking Industry Profile
Figure 4.1. Deposits Interest Rate (%)
Figure 4.2. Commercial Bank Assets as a Percentage of GDP (%)
Figure 4.3. Gross NPL Ratio of Commercial Banks (%)
Figure 4.4. Bank Loans to Deposit Ratio (%)
Figure 4.5. Tier 1 Capital Adequacy Ratio (%)

5. Retail Distribution
Figure 5.1. Bank Branch Penetration (per 100,000 Population)
Figure 5.2. ATM Penetration (per 100,000 Working Population)
Figure 5.3. Average Value per ATM Transaction (US$)
Figure 5.4. EFTPOS Penetration (per 100,000 Working Population)
Figure 5.5. Average Value per EFTPOS Transaction (US$)
Figure 5.6. Fixed-line Telephone Penetration (per Person)
Figure 5.7. Mobile Phone Penetration (per Person)
Figure 5.8. Broadband Subscriber Share of Population (%)

6. Payment System
Figure 6.1. Number of Credit Cards per Working Population
Figure 6.2. Credit Card Penetration and GDP per Capita (2009)
Figure 6.3. Number of Transactions per Credit Card
Figure 6.4. Average Value per Credit Card Transaction (US$)
Figure 6.5. Number of Debit Card per Working Population
Figure 6.6. Number of Transactions per Debit Card
Figure 6.7. Average Value per Debit Card Transaction (US$)
Figure 6.8. Number of Cheque Transactions per Working Population
Figure 6.9. Volume of Transactions per Working Population by Payment Instruments
Download this document

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