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Our research and analysis on Core Banking
The following in-depth pieces represent our archive of research and analysis on Core Banking.
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Case Study
SeABank virtualises core banking system to augment infrastructure scalability and flexibility
Date: Jun 20, 2013   |   Author: Levina Lim
The bank implemented an enterprise-wide virtualisation of its core banking platform; virtualising 90% of its host servers to the cloud in a pioneering innovation strategy.
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"A core-system change is complicated at the best of times"
Date: Jun 14, 2013   |   Author: Editorial
David Hisco, CEO, ANZ Bank New Zealand, discusses the challenges of navigating the bank through both core system and brand changes.
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Proceedings Report
Customer centricity, accessibility and analytics key consumer channel trends in Asia Pacific
Date: May 14, 2013   |   Author: Research
Proceedings report from the Technology Decision Makers Conference 2013, held in conjunction with The Asian Banker Summit 2013 on new strategies in bank channels, distribution, and customer management.
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Case Study
HBRCC’s new core banking system improves IT and business functions
Date: Apr 11, 2013   |   Author: Research
Hubei Rural Credit Cooperative implemented TCSFS’s BaNCS core banking system to increase transaction times and become more market-driven and customer-centric.
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ANZ regional strategy centres on four core aspects of focus
Date: Apr 05, 2013   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping
Sanjoy Sen, ANZ head of consumer banking for the Asia Pacific region discusses the strategy that underpins ANZ’s retail franchise.
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Proceedings Report
Consistent customer experience across channels a key concern for Malaysia banks seeking regionalisation
Date: Mar 18, 2013   |   Author: Levina Lim
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker Breakfast Roundtable Dialogue on the strategic technology and banking business imperatives of 2012.
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Temenos looks for local partnerships to drive future growth in China and Japan
Date: Mar 08, 2013   |   Author: Carol Wheatcroft
David Arnott, CEO of Temenos, discusses the company’s strategy for growth in Asia.
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Research Note
Chinese banks' matured approach to IT partnerships bodes well for domestic financial eco-system
Date: Mar 06, 2013   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Chinese banks now look at five decisive factors when selecting prospective IT partners – brand, work history, committed resources, quality of service, and cost.

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