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UBS Sells SmartWealth? Good for Them!
Date: Sep 26, 2018   |   Author: Catherine Flax | Opinion
Catherine Flax, CEO of Pefin, comments on UBS' decision to sell Smartwealth, a digital management platform to SigFig.
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An alternative way to serve micro and small enterprises
Date: Sep 19, 2018   |   Author: Gerald Tai | Interviews
Jackson Cheung, co-founder and CEO of Youxin Financial, talks about how to leverage data analysis to help micro and small enterprises owners in a tighter regulatory environment
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Time for shakeout as start-ups plant new flags
Date: Sep 12, 2018   |   Author: Saibal Dasgupta | Post Event Report
The nature of competition in the financial market has changed. Competing with traditional banks is a set of financial integrators, a new breed more capable of responding to changes in the market
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How a fintech outgrew banks in the mobile wallet market in Vietnam
Date: Sep 12, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Research Note
MoMo grew into the largest mobile wallet provider in Vietnam by offering a better user experience and forging early partnerships with incumbent players
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Be Hungry, Be Angry to shape the future
Date: Sep 11, 2018   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Editorial
The founding tales of FreeCom, TransferWise and PolicyPal reflect the next generation’s hunger and anger with this generation’s stoic acceptance of the status-quo and desperate attempts to stay relevant. Today’s leaders who want to be relevant to the future will have to show the same passion to make a real and substantive change